Verséa Pharmaceuticals is engaged in drug discovery, research, development and licensing of innovative medicines in areas of a high need.

Treatments we are looking to bring to market target disorders of the central nervous system and mood, oncology, and infectious disease.

We leverage our dedicated team of scientists, clinicians, experienced commercial team and access to leading researchers and technology innovators to:

  • Optimize our drug-discovery platform
  • Guide the direction of our product development pipeline and portfolio
  • Bring differentiated products to the global market-place

Medical Hemp

The Verséa Medical Hemp division is a segment of our Pharmaceutical Division solely focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of hemp-derived, cannabinoid-based medical therapeutics. Our Medical Hemp division has partnered with the global leaders in cannabis science and research to advance the understanding of the application of cannabinoids and other components of the hemp plant in medicine. Areas of research and study mirror our ethical pharmaceutical division to identify new chemical and botanical entities from hemp to develop as treatments in various therapeutic areas including those of high unmet medical needs. To learn about the Verséa HCP line of non-Rx products, click here

Rx Botanical and Farm Bill Compliant Divisions

Verséa’s Medical Hemp division focuses on Rx botanical‐based cannabidiol products for submission for market approval as therapeutic drug products to FDA and other regional regulatory agencies (EU, Canada, etc.). Verséa also has a Farm Bill Compliant Products division developing products for the current marketplace. Farm Bill Compliant Products are those that are manufactured in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp-derived CBD products and are ONLY available through healthcare providers.

With the legalization of hemp-derived CBD and the growing clinical evidence, the rush of companies to turn a quick profit has created a market that has already been flooded with unregulated products, often mislabeled and adulterated, or poorly manufactured and controlled. This “wild west” environment has made it increasingly difficult for healthcare professionals to provide care for their patients in need that includes validated high-quality grade hemp products they can recommend to their patients through complete confidence with quality and safety.

The goal of the Medical Hemp division is to establish a hemp-derived Rx botanical pipeline of commercial pharmaceutical products. The two-fold effect of this effort is: (1) Establish the safety and efficacy of botanical drug candidates that will be submitted bodiesfor market approval to regulatory agencies (e.g., FDA); and (2) Translate processes from the Rx botanical segment for continual improvement in the quality of our Farm Bill Compliant hemp products currently available on the market. Overall, we believe this approach places Verséa in a better position when federal and state agencies eventually establish data and quality standards for hemp-derived products.