Verséa offers point-of-care and referral-based products and services that address patient needs and improve practice efficiencies.

Hemp-Derived Product Line

Verséa tinctures are highly concentrated formulations of hemp-derived, broad spectrum CBD delivered in a water-based liquid form for oral use.
- Easy to adjust dosage levels
- Mixes easily with fluids
- Portable, under TSA guidlines for liquids
600 mg/30 mL bottle tincture - 1,200 mg/30 mL bottle tincture - 3,300 mg/30 mL bottle tincture
Gel Capsules
Verséa gel capsules are highly concentrated formulations of hemp-derived, broad spectrum CBD delivered in a gel capsule for oral consumption.
- Easy to adjust the dose
- Convenient, portable & discrete
- Familiar, easy administration
25 mg of CBD per tablet, 30-count bottle
Salve Stick
Verséa salve sticks deliver broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD in a semisolid preparation for topical administration and absorption directly through the skin.
- Easy to target specific locations on the body
- Less risk of product waste than applying with hands
- Pleasing scent
500 mg of CBD in a 1-ounce push-up container

Why Verséa? Proprietary High Grade Products

The Verséa product line is clinically driven and scientifically differentiated though formulation processes and technology intended to improve functional attributes and performance of the product.

Pharmaceutical Approach

While our commercial Farm Bill CBD is not a pharmaceutical product, Verséa is using pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality standards in the manufacture and control of our commercially available products. These standard include:

  • Quality control systems
  • Validated manufacturing processes and controls
  • Conform to FDA/USDA & cGMP regulatory standards

Proprietary Mechanisms of Action

  • Unique & trade-secreted strains
  • Defined action in targeted organ systems

Differentiated Formulations

  • Patented and trade-secreted technologies
  • Utilize Hydrophilic formulation designed to promote bioavailability and absorption
  • Unique attributes

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